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April 23, 2008

HRN New Service Announcement: HR Audit

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HRN is now providing a new service called HR Audit. This service reviews your current HR programs and policies to ensure compliance with state and Federal HR law requirements. Due to the ever increasing number of employment laws, and concerns over stiff and often-times oppressive fines that can be levied for infractions, it is vital to keep your HR policies and practices in compliance.

Over the years HRN has partnered with the Law Firm of Jones, Waldo, Holbrook and McDonough in the development of a cost-effective and comprehensive human resource audit format. As part of the audit we review the following areas:

I. Equal Employment Opportunity/Harassment
a. Training
b. Posters
c. Recruiting compliance
d. Investigation performance
e. Claims action
f. Outside sources

II. Affirmative Action Review (where applicable)
a. Compliance
b. Concerns

III. Hiring Practices
a. Application flow
b. Manager training
c. Position profiles
d. ADA compliance
e. Hiring policy review

IV. Human Resource Handbook Compliance
V. Succession PlanningVI. Performance Management
a. Effectiveness of processes
b. Training/timeliness
VII. Compensation Management
a. Job descriptions
b. EPA compliance
c. Compa-ratio compliance
d. Market competitiveness/internal equity
e. Incentive plan review

VIII. Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance
a. Exempt/non-exempt issues

IX. Employment TestingX. Benefits Admin. & Compliance
c. ADA
XI. Leaves of Absence Review
a. Military & other

XII. Corrective Action & Termination Review
XIII. Record Retention Review
XIV. Organizational Structure Review
The HRN HR Audit requires an on-site visit of one to two days to review your HR practices, procedures, and policies. There could be brief Q&A sessions for clarification while on-site, and at the conclusion a complete HR Audit Report will be provided detailing all areas of review, areas of compliance, areas of concern, and recommendations, if any, for improvement or correction.

The costs of this service ranges from $3,500 to $5,000 (depending upon time spent) plus travel expenses.

Should this be of interest, please call or email the HRN sales department ( to discuss and calendar a time for the audit.


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