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April 22, 2008

Reminders About Common Manager Goofs

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The HR Daily Advisor recently included a very useful reminder about the most common manager “goofs” that lead to employment lawsuits.

Here is the list:

1. Inappropriate questions asked during applicant interviews.

2. Botched background checks.

3. EEO-1 form errors (note the new form this year).

4. Incorrect overtime exempt/nonexempt classifications.

5. Ignoring employee complaints of possible problems.

6. Supervisor ignorance about employment laws.

7. Being unduly “thrifty” in providing reasonable accommodations (HR Advisor says when in doubt, favor the worker).

8. Unduly casual responses to government inquiries about possible compliance problems.

9. Retaliation and actions that may be perceived as retaliatory.

10. Discharges not justified by consistent and complete documentation.

11. Missing or inadequate documentation generally.

Keep these points in mind as you prepare employment law training programs for your supervisors and otherwise try to minimize the risks of such lawsuits in your workplace.


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