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February 25, 2008

HR Fact Friday: Gone Skiing

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OK, so I haven’t exactly been inundated with emails from avid “HR Fact Friday” readers wondering why there was no posting last week, but nonetheless I feel the need to account for myself. So what’s my excuse . . . I took a few days off last week to take advantage of the deep, and fluffy, Utah powder. Yes, I went skiing, and it was a wonderful experience. Here in Utah, skiing is a multi-million dollar tourist and recreation mega-industry. And why? Because the snow in Utah is the best in the world. Something about the climate, humidity, and temperature combining to create ultra-fluffy snowflakes. All I know is the stuff is wonderful and this year . . . thankfully quite abundant. So last week we got some fresh dumps of snow up in the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City and I loaded up my skis and made the short drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon which leads to Alta and Snowbird resorts.

Which brings me to the photo below which should include the caption:

All work and no play (especially when there is fresh powder at Alta) make Paul cranky.

So If I have to make a reference to HR and deliver a message it would simply be this:

Use and enjoy your vacation days. You earned them. Everybody at work will like you better after you take some time off.

HR Fact Friday will return this Friday.

See you on the mountain.



Paul Skiing


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